Irish Dog Designs

Irish Dog Designs is owned by the Irish Knitwear Designer Ursula McGrath. Ursula grew up in the Ireland of the 1960s-70s with her 9 siblings on a remote farm, in County Cork, Ireland. Her mom, an industrious mother of her time, always had a pair of knitting needles close at hand.

While Dog Sweaters were unheard of (who dressed their dog in the 1960s), Handmade sweaters were very popular. Ursula, being the youngest spent many nights sitting by the fire, with Rose the family sheepdog asleep at her feet watching her mom knit and often falling asleep to the “click click” sound of knitting needles.

This developed a natural passion and talent in Ursula for Irish Crafts with Handknitting being her favourite. Ursula turned her passion into a career and becoming a knitwear designer, was a dream come true.

Ursula now lives in a quaint red door cottage amongst green fields and native Irish trees with her 2 dogs, Bailey and Brona and her husband and 2 sons.

Having worked in the knitwear industry for many years she has now decided to realize her dream of combining her two childhood loves, Knitwear and the love of Dogs – Say hello to Irish Dog Designs