Atlantic Wave (scarf)

Length 17 20 25 30 inches
43 51 63 76 cm
Width 3 5 inches
7.5 8 11 12.5 cm

“Our Wool is flexible and adaptable, we will work to the size you select and note that 100% wool and the intricate Aran stitching are soft and will move to fit on to your dog’s body shape.  Our knits will stretch and fit into your dogs’ individual build and size with wear.

100% wool is a natural fibre and with wear the sweater will fit, stretch and morph to your own dogs particular shape and size – similar to how the Aran Sweater blends and fits with wear on ‘humans’. As is typical with natural wool fibres, these handknit Irish Dog Sweaters will stretch and fit into the unique body shape of each dog.

As all our Irish Dog Sweaters are handmade using 100% wool, variation in each finish is part of the creative handmade process and adds value to the distinctive and bespoke nature of these Irish Dog Sweaters.

Variation in dye colour is also possible with natural fibers.