The inspiration for this amazing piece is the spirit of Rose.
(Ursula’s childhood dog) running among the fields of Donegal on a summer family trip. These traditional cables paired with Irish Moss stitch boarders, combine to make this hooded sweater a must for your dog.

  • Traditional cables paired with Irish Moss stitch borders makes this the perfect hoodie to keep you pet warm and cozy.
  • Handmade
  • 100% wool
  • Handwash 40 °C
  • Pat into shape and size, dry flat away from direct heat and sunlight.

Each design is hand made with personal attention given to every stitch and detail making it extra special for your loved one.

How to measure your dog?

From: 50.00

Did you know?
You can personalise your sweater now 😉

Have you dogs name embroidered onto the sweater making it an even more ‘special piece’.
For that Irish look have the sweater made with an embroidered shamrock.

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